Futerra erosion control 3D geomats

Three-dimensional erosion control mats Futerra 7003, 7010, 7020 and reinforced R45 are one of the most effective products for slope reinforcement and erosion control.

Open air structure (>95%) makes Futerra easy to intergrate with FGM hydro mulch, creating the ideal composite for soil stabilization. 


Earth anchor systems

Percussion Driven Earth Anchoring Solutions can be used across a wide range of market sectors, including Civil Engineering (e.g. retaining walls, slope stabilisation, bridge repair, pipelines, guyed structures and erosion control), Landscape (e.g. tree anchoring and irrigation systems), Agricultural (e.g. crop protection, vineyard, orchard and soft fruit trellising) and many others.


ARGS percussion anchors for erosion control

The range of aluminium anchors with different sizes for wide type of appilications - slope reinforcement, soil slide control, deep failure prevention, gabions and retention wall stabilization etc


GreenArmor system with armoured geomat Futerra R45

GreenArmor system - the technique of creating a vegetative layer under difficult conditions - creates the root system directly in the TRM layer and works more efficiently than other technologies. The second component of the system - erosion control product Flexterra HP-FGM, which is incorporated inside TRM by hydroseeding method, not only provides quality dissipation of water flow, but also keeps the water in the fibers. The moisture in the key level of growth provides a better germination and high-speed development of the plants.

For steep and unstable slopes is very important to ensure the reliability of a constructive solution, so a stronger version was designed with armoured TRM Futerra R45, capable of breaking load up to 45 kN/m



Seashore and Marine anchor systems

Анкерные системы для морских применений - устройства марин, временных точек швартовки, крепления буев и тп


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