Hydroseeding materials

Basic list of  hydroseeding materials consist of hydraulic mukches and complex erosion control mixtures for difficult projects, corrective additives.

Also there are support materials - terra-tubes for slope splitting, erosion control mats.


The shape of hydroseeding mixture is  hydraulic mulch. It has to be selected by the level of project complexity.

From simple to complex:

- Basic mulches - cellulose, wooden mulch, with tackifiers, blends

- Erosion control mulches (EFM, SMM, BFM)

- Flexible Growth Media FGM , HP-FGM


To make the links between soil and mulch better, the additives could be used - tackifiers made from natural or polymer media

To increase water retention capacity, microelements nutrition, soil correction - there are special aquagels, biostimulants, long-term fertilizers.


Somethimes the soils are not very suitable for plant growth - they should be converted by adding an organic substantions, pH correction, salinity depression materials etc.


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