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Hydroseeding materials

Basic list of  hydroseeding materials consist of hydraulic mukches and complex erosion control mixtures for difficult projects, corrective additives.

Also there are support materials - terra-tubes for slope splitting, erosion control mats.



Basic hydraulic mulches Conwed Profile

Hydro Mulch 1000 (Ecofibre)

Hydro Mulch 2000

Conwed Cellulose

Conwed Enviroblend


Erosion conntrol hydraulic mulch products

Special hydraulic mulch mixtures made from 100% thermally refined wooden fibers.

Multi-components set , optimized for erosion control on slopes 3:1, 2:1, 1:1 steepness or more.

ProMatrix EFM

Flexterra HP-FGM, ET-FGM, Cocoflex FGM


Additives ProPlus

Effective additives for hydroseeding process.

Wooden fiber tackifiers, soil binders, water retention materials, biostimulants, complex fertilizers, markers.

Professional set of additives Proplus for effective solutions for hydroseeding, erosion control, dust suppression and other applications.

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