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Machines for hydroseeding (hydromulchers)

There are a lot of various tasks associated with hydroseeding, slope erosion control, park construction and maintenance, sport facilities, landscape restoration.

For this reason, one of the most important thing is the right choice of equipment with maximum correlations with the objectives set by the company.


The main property of hydroseeding machine is the productivity and effectiveness to solve the task with time limit. The large tank volume makes possible to spray the mixture to a large area each load. It makes possible to do a lot of work by one shift.If you have significant amounts and deadlines - (projects of road construction, large erosion control projects, golf courses) - your choice - the machines with 3-12 cubic meters tank.

If the projects are small, from a few hundred square meters, the best way - to use a basic models. However, it is difficult to realize the large projects with a small equipment, because of productivity and relatively high labour costs per each square meter.

Maximum flexibility is achieved on average machines. It is the nest variant for the professional contractor company, for which it is important to be able to effectively implement different projects.



Bowie 300

Volume 1220L

Up to 600m²/load

Lancer 500/600

Volume 1700/2030L

Up to 1000m²/load

Victor 800/1100

Volume 3300/3900L

Up to 2200m²/load

Imperial 1500/3000

Volume 6300/10900L

Up to 6600m²/load

AGROTEC models:

1000 L

Volume  1000L

Up to 350/600m²/load

2000 T

Volume 2000L

Up to 700/1200m²/load

3000 skid

Volume 3100L

Up to 1090/1850m²/load

5000 skid

Volume  5000L

Up to 1750/3000m²/load

Turfmaker hydroseeders:


Volume 1220L

Up to 330/530m²/load


Volume 1740L

Up to 470/650m²/load


Volume 3750L

Up to 1100/1500m²/load




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