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AquaGel water retention gel

The water retention gel - AquaGel can be used in hydroseeding, transplanting purposes.

The working principle is water absorbtion by gel and slow release "on demand" to plant root system.


AquaGel is very effective on slopes, with the soils with high drainage activity - the moisture can hold in rootzone area by Aguagel, decreasing the moisture .


Aquagel is using as moisture control agent. AquaGel is recommended for hydroseeding on erosion control projects, in dry periods, in case of sandy or rigid soils with high drainage level. AquaGel absobrs water and slow releases it to root systems, prevens from dry stress.

AquaGel advantages :

  • Decreases stress by transplanting
  • Increases plant germination
  • Improve the effectiveness of fertilizers
  • Decreases the volumes of irrigating water
  • Controls the run-off water

AquaGel is available in 2.27, 11.34 and 22.68 kg bags

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