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Company profile

ECTM Ltd  company was created as part of Isotech project at January, 2011.

The main purpose – development, approval and marketing of inovation materials and constructions.

We produce and supply the technics and materials, develop new equipment.


ECTM products range:


- Building construction
                • fiber insulation technologies
                • ecological construction materials
                • building construction and systems

                • modern construction equipment

- Road construction and maintenance

                • hydroseeding (hydromulching) technologies for vegatation and erosion control
                • road slopes stabilisation, storm water channels
                • gravel road dedusting

- Lanscape renovation, recreation

                • Soil erosion control
                • landscape restoration after storms and fires)
                • restoration, recreation of old quarries

                • ADC closing covers

- Golf courses and sportfields, parks and gardens

                • football pitches, golf coarses, 
                • park, garden , lawn maintenance


Company resourses:


High-skilled staff with deep knowledge of technologies and materials

Own production of cellulose fiber materials

ISOTECH dealers network

World-wide known partners (e.c. Profile Products LLC, Bowie Industries Inc, CoolMachines LLC, IAG mbH, Platipus Earth Anchors) - market leaders

Investigation laboratories support

Stock program in CIS coutries and EU



We're glad to information exchange for mutual business!



with the best regards,



ECTM team





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