Technology of turf establishement, slopes erosion control, landscape renovation.

Hydroseeding technology - unique method of lawns ans slopes seeding, erosion control ans landscape renovation.

It can be easily used in road projects, civil and territory engineering and many other projects

Technologies of defence of the territories and constructions from potential environmental impact.

A set of actions for the reinforcement of facilities and areas from the environmental impact.

Erosion control sprayed coatings, Geomats, composite solutions, booms, drain.

Technologies for dust suppression during the work at the facilities.
Odor suppression

Dedusting working areas in the processing and storage of materials, construction and demolition.

Strengthening the overburden / open soil and dirt roads.

Professional equipment for construction and landscaping. Production lines.

Professional machinery used to work on our technology.

Installation equipment, natural fiber production equipment, dosing systems for SMA, mining equipment

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