Bowie hydroseeding machines:

Professional machines for hydroseeding and erosion control. Relatively simple, very durable and high productice in any conditions.

Models from 1.3m³ to 12m³


TurfMaker machines for hydroseeding:

Low priced, durable machines. Lot of modifications and options. Models from 1.2 m³ to 4.5m³


Blec soil preparation equipment:

Machines and equipment for soil conditioning, grass seeding, lawn maintenance. Professional and effective.


IAG dust suppression technic:

Air flow nozzle devicea bor large areas .

High and low pressure systems for dust suppression and deodoration.

Durable and modern snowmaking systems .


Bowie rotary pumps

Very durable pumps in different modifications. For water, oil, explosive emulsions suppy. Max.pressure up to 7 bar, production up to 1.4m³/min


Agrotec hydroseeding machines:

Totally hydraulic driven machine, progressive cavity pumps (up to 14 bar / 600l/min). Volumes from 0.5m³ to 5m³


Cool Machines - blowing machines for insulation:

The machines for fiber insulation. Decompressing and air supply of the bulk materials.


Natural fiber production equipment:

CFI production lines, fiber whirlwind mills, dosing and packing stations, aspiration.

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